Photographers MyPhotoApp because it is a kick-ass mobile marketing machine.

Professional Photographers use MyPhotoApp in dozens of ways. Here are a few:

Providing a valuable product to sell.

Solving the digital image problem.

Distributing guides like a pricing catalog.

Building high converting lead pages.

MyPhotoApp helps your business grow. Whether you want to attract and retain more clients, or generate more real revenue, check out this webinar replay to see how photographers are using apps to grow and prosper. Don't be left behind. Embrace apps in your business plan and start dominating.

How MyPhotoApp is helping Photographers

Here are some of the responses professional photographers provided when asked what is the main business problem that MyPhotoApp is solving for them.

What value is MyPhotoApp to your Business?

Return On Investment Calculator

What is the return on investment you can achieve using MyPhotoApp? There are dozens of ways you can use MyPhotoApp to add value to your photography business. Here are just two ways which you can implement MyPhotoApp within the next 30 days to generate revenue.

The calculators will help you determine the value MyPhotoApp can bring to your business. I am certain that if you have any sort of client base, you will see that MyPhotoApp can add immediate value to your business. To learn about more ways MyPhotoApp can help your business, watch the How To Grow Your Photography Business Using Apps video.

Case 1

You give all your previous customers there own app as a free gift to remind them of you and include an offer to entice them to return for another session.

Number of clients in your database:
Percent who will return:%
Average session value:$

Case 1 ROI =

ROI is yearly return on investment in MyPhotoApp assuming the numbers you entered are correct and you purchased a yearly professional license of MyPhotoApp for $299. Values over 100% are desirable.

Case 2

You add MyPhotoApp to your product catalog and sell apps to your clients as a product. Give them another product to purchase that is also a marketing tool for you.

Number of clients per year:
Percent who will purchase an app:%
Price you will sell apps for:$

Case 2 ROI =

ROI is yearly return on investment in MyPhotoApp assuming the numbers you entered are correct and you purchased a yearly professional license of MyPhotoApp for $299. Values over 100% are desirable.

Total ROI = %
Additional Revenue=$

Greetings from Jim Cook, the Inventor of MyPhotoApp

Hi, I am Jim Cook, MyPhotoApp inventor. You probably don't know me yet, but you will as I am very visible much like I am sure you are in your business. If you should contact us, it is likely I will be the one to respond to you personally. Staying in touch with users has helped me hone MyPhotoApp into what it is today.

MyPhotoApp is unique in the industry... there isn't anything else like it. I am driven to keep it that way too. MyPhotoApp is currently on version 10.3 and 10.4 is in the works. I average creating a new release a little more frequently than a new release a month... who else does that? Each release has new features that users request and features they didn't know they needed till they started using them.

You see, I am a photographer like you. We, my wife Melissa and son Michael, have a full time active studio specializing in pageants and seniors, Cook Designer Portraits, and we use MyPhotoApp every day to improve our bottom line. You can too.

I totally stand behind MyPhotoApp with a 7 day free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee. I offer both yearly and monthly subscriptions plans to suit your budget. Your satisfaction is my #1 priority!

I encourage you to give MyPhotoApp a try to experience the value that it can bring to your business. Let me know how it is working out for you. I never get tired of hearing success stories.


P.S. I'm certain that MyPhotoApp will add value to your business. If it doesn't, I want to hear from you. My personal email is

Oh yeah... so you can put a face to my name, this is me demoing MyPhotoApp.

Jim Cook MyPhotoApp Inventor

Rated the #1 App Maker by our customers!

We Love Our Customers & are Committed to Your Success

Photography Businesses Run Better With MyPhotoApp

We asked our customers "How would you describe MyPhotoApp to a photography friend who didn't know anything about it?" and here is a sampling of the responses.

  • After Facebook, this marketing tool is a must have !

  • Simply the best photos App builder out there!

  • MPA is one of the easiest to use yet most powerful tools to get your images spreading on the number one viewed device today - cell phones.

  • David Frei

    A marketing tool cleverly disguised as an app.

  • The best way to showcase your images to prospective customers and the answer to "do you sell digital files?"

  • Kevin Hoehne

    awesome sharing and marketing tool

  • It's a great tool for marketing and displaying your photography. Clients love it! It's their own personal photo album for their phone.

  • Tana Cannon

    A lifesaver :)

  • A way to make money on the side.

  • A platform that makes it easy to personalise client interaction - the backbone of my business!

  • My Photo App is the greatest tool to market your studio that has ever been created. Just build your app and send to your client and in short time all of their friends will know about you. Also you can sell apps to non photography clients to pay for the cost for a year.

  • The easiest way to share the images with your clients! It's the perfect way for the clients to share their images with friends and family to! I love how easy it is to build an app!

  • It's an app where you can put the bride's best pictures (you choose or she can choose) on her phone. She can show her friends pictures straight from her phone and even share them on social media. Since your logo and contact info is on the app, it publicizes your brand. You can charge a fee for the app, give it to brides for free or offer it as an incentive for booking or even as part of your largest package. It's easy to use and doesn't take much time to create an app for a client.

  • MyPhotoApp is the ultimate tool to build web apps easily and quickly. There's nothing like it on the marketplace. Extremely well priced, it's a must have for any photographer who wants to exhibit and share his/her work to existing customers and entice new prospects to become clients. MPA is a joy to work with where you'll see the results immediately and be able to publish an app within minutes. No coding required, it's template driven and does not require App Store approval to be shared worldwide. You can also create apps for businesses, communities, and non-profits under their own branding. Utilising QR Codes enables quick access and download via your browser and being mobile ready, makes it a breeze to navigate. Having MPA as a photo tool in your studio puts the icing on your business ..... it's the secret to sweet success!

  • It is a quick and easy way to get seniors what they want (images on their phone) and helps to sell albums as kids don't really care about the physical prints so much anymore. It's a great way to get me exposure on social media. And it's a great tool to advertise with on social media. I placed an ad on Instagram linked to MyPhotoApp model form and got 14 applications filled out in 8 day for a cost of $86. It's going to save me money on direct mail costs and best of all, I can have an ad up and running in a few hours instead of weeks! I have only scratched the surface of what this thing can do!

  • It's one of my favorite, no brainer tools in my photo world toolbox. What I started using as a replacement for paper rep cards that seniors never really passed out, has now become something much, much bigger. We use it anytime we need input from clients, when we need to communicate small details to large groups or any other time a micro site is the answer. It's funny because it seems every single time I log into the platform, I think of yet another way we can use it. I think I would be doing a disservice to fail to mention that I rarely spend more than a few minutes at a time doing anything in MPA. That, my friends, is my favorite thing about

  • Jeremiah Mercer

    You need this app to grow your client experience. Like Need!

  • Jim Matthews

    I would advise its the most simple effective application to provide customers with a single point of access for the photograph gallery. Links can also be included to simplify other gallery locations from the app.

  • Wallets on steroids! Answer to "Can I have my digital files?" Instead of your clients answering the question "Who took these?" the app tells them everytime.

  • Michael Wolff

    It is a way to put a clients favorite view on an app along with some advertising or coupon.

  • Nishith Shah

    I will keep it a secret.. As it helps me to increase my business. :)

  • Bari A. Cruze

    A way for me to market my work to others. A way for me to carry a portfolio with me on my phone at all times.

  • I tell them that it is a great way for your clients to share their images and that all your contact info goes with the app. It makes it a great marketing tool.

  • Wallet photos for the modern age.

  • The best way to show and share your photography

  • Sunny Dawsey

    MyPhotoApp is probably THE most user-friendly software I have every used. Not only that but I have never experienced customer service like this before in my life. This app is such a great way to get information out, to collect information or to even just market your work. It's awesome.

  • Great tool for presenting pics to clients before print. Great for marketing.

  • It's a little gift to my clients, a way to show off my images on mobile devices, and a marketing tool.

  • A very unique app that provides a medium for my clients to easily share their images with friends & family. It also helps me showcase my own work to prospective clients. Clients have literally spent more with me JUST so they can meet my minimum phone app purchase.

  • Andy and Ashley Phillips

    Best word of mouth marketing aid there is.

  • What a terrific way to share images with your clients' friends and family while advertising your business at the same time! Easy to use, and everyone loves their own personal app!

  • MPA is a vehicle to showcase and market your business and/or images in a unique visual medium with a wide range of app options customized for diverse target markets. Translation: Showcase the best of your business with a medium that your target market can download, view and share on desktop or mobile devices.

  • the buzz and excitement it creates is priceless.Well worth the investment as a marketing/advertisement tool. It reaches your market with direct precision. Clients are so excited to show off their beautiful pictures to everyone who will look......I get a ton of positive feedback and referrals!

  • It's a multi purpose web app that you can use to market your photography business. it's designed for use on mobiles or tablets. Give your customers a personal gallery to share with their friends by text, email or facebook. Use it to create style guides to send out before a shoot. Create a mini web site business card for your own business. Create mini web sites for other small businesses and earn some extra income

  • I can't live without MPA. What started out as a simple app to give as a bonus to clients quickly became an integral part of my business. I use it for collecting my model releases, session bookings, samples, and collecting information via questionnaires. I love it. Not only is it a great product, as a client, Jim is so quick to respond to issues and incorporate your ideas into the product he offers to make it better. Thank you, Jim!

  • A great tool to let clients feel special with their own gallery app!

  • Anonymous

    My secret weapon!

  • Quick and easy way to show a project/profolio to be shared with only interested parties instead of a whole website.

  • An awesome marketing tool that's budget friendly and your clients will love!

  • Hi, MyPhotoApp is a great tool for me to offer my customers so they can show off their photos to their friends and family.

  • I would describe it as a new an inventive way to allow clients to show off their images while promoting your studio! It's a great tool for today's social media driven markets.

  • Trent Baker

    A good marketing tool.

  • Must have to show off your work. Clients love their very own app.

  • It's a great tool that helps you share your images with clients and friends.

  • A easy to use customizable app/website for marketing.

  • Very easy to use and what today's seniors are looking for.

  • Awesome way to create custom apps for your clients and potential clients.

  • an online photo scrapbook

  • Reese Baker

    ad tool

  • Beth Duricky


  • Currently, for me, it is a way to still sell "wallet-sized" portraits.

  • it's an app that allows you to view the fantastic images we took of your son/daughter from your mobile device. My Photo App also has great marketing resources, and I'm just learning how to use them. one of my resolutions for 2017: understand instagram & how to market better. thank you for all of the resources you provide, Jim.

  • Fabulous add-on to promote higher sales. Half of my business is weddings and I'm looking forward to allowing my clients to show off the 'winners' to their unmarried friends without having to go thru my proofing site. Exploring lead generation to acquire new clients. Your support is outstanding. Thanks

  • It's a great way for me to share social media files with my clients and for them to easily share their images online.

  • Great marketing tool to reach audiences through something everyone has with them everyday, their cell phone. No bad algorithms like on Facebook that restricts your audience. Word of mouth is the best advertiser. Great way to share social images.

  • It's similar to a digital photo album in app form. I use it as a client add-on/up-sell feature and it works as a marketing tool for my business as well.

  • One of the most important tools we can have in the digital world we live in. It is a must have item for your marketing plan.

  • I would describe MYPHOTOAPP as a mini website of your client FOR your client. A fantastic way to social share, up sales and get the BUZZ out about your studio. You cover it all! Thanks for such an awesome product.

  • It's a custom app for your phone that has your portraits on it. You can share it with anyone. They are very cool!

  • With the use of social media anymore, this app is a definite addition to increase your sales!

  • It's a way to easily build custom apps for your clients so they WANT to share your work and your brand for you. But it's also so much more than that if you want it to be, creating the potential for a whole new income stream.

  • Mark Bradford

    MyPhotoApp has been a great help to us in making our portraits easily accessible to our best clients on all their devices. We use it as a reward for great orders and our clients love it.

  • I have used it for years, it is a wonderful product! My customers love receiving the app and it has helped grow what I can offer to my customers. A great product!

MyPhotoApp is easy to use and has a great support community

There is nothing else like it!

MyPhotoApp's unique set of capabilities provide everything you need build gorgeous apps for your clients across all devices... the easy way.

Amazing Friendly Support

One of the many things that sets MyPhotoApp apart is the support. Unparalleled support from a friendly team that always goes above and beyond.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Our Facebook group takes our amazing support to the next level, providing tips and advice and helping customers grow their business.

How To Grow Your Photography Business Using Apps

Create an app in minutes!

My Photo App can create an attractive photo album for your clients in minutes and the potential outreach and return is only limited by the outgoingness of your clients.

It optimizes the use of an extremely valuable asset you are already sitting on: the social connections of your existing client database.