MyPhotoApp FAQ

Let's answer some questions you may have

Q: I want to make apps for other businesses. Are there any additional costs for that?

A: When you purchase the "Professional Version" you can build as many apps for other businesses as you want without any additional costs.

Q: Can I password Protect My Apps?

A: Yes

Q: How Does The 7 Day Free Trial Work?

A: After you register for your trial, you get access to all of the  professional version features for 7 days. When you login to the builder during your trial, you will be presented with a screen to remind you that you are on the trial version.

Q: Is The Trial Really Free?

A: Yes, it sure is. No credit cards are required to start your trial. You can use MyPhotoApp for 7 days with no strings attached. Register now and you can be building apps within minutes.

Q: What Happens At The End Of The Trial?

A: At the end of the trial, or during the trial, you can subscribe to one of our plans by going to the License tab. If you subscribe to a paid plan during your 7 day trial the plan will take effect at the end of that trial period. If you do not purchase a subscription after your trial your account will expire and you will no longer have access to the builder or the created apps. Eventually, your account and apps will be deleted.

Q: Can I upgrade my subscription?

A: You can upgrade at any time by purchasing a new subscription. Time remaining on your current subscription will be prorated and added to your new subscription so you don't lose any money.

Top 6 Uses Of MyPhotoApp

The uses of apps, to add value to your business, are limitless, here are 6 of the most common ways we have heard of from some of our amazing customers..

1: Create marketing materials for your business, such as clothing guides or introductory materials.

2: Provide apps to all of your clients past and future, with their purchased images on them, free of charge. 

3: Have a side business that creates apps for other businesses.

4: With the ability to create unlimited brands, create branded apps specifically for your vendors.

5: Create photography aids such as a posing app, lighting app or an inspiration app of your favorite pictures.

6: Use apps as an up-sell item in packages you want to sell.