Why Choose MyPhotoApp?

Grow your business and showcase your brand

7 App Uses To Increase Revenue

  1. Your clients can share photo albums easily with family and friends.
  2. Provide a unique app for each of your clients.
  3. Use apps to leverage sales.
  4. Create unlimited custom apps styled specifically for your customers.
  5. Increase revenue creating apps for other businesses.
  6. Create marketing materials for your business, such as clothing guides or studio introductory materials.
  7. Create photography aids like a posing app, lighting app or an inspiration app of your favorite pictures you want to emulate.
How Will You Use MyPhotoApp?

MyPhotoApp Testimonials

I have been using MyPhotoApp and I absolutely love it . I show off my favorite senior shoot on my phone all the time from my phone. Everyone thinks it is cool that I have my own app.

Jayme Goetz

I tried MyPhotoApp because of a promotional price and especially because of the 30 day money back guarantee. I was blown away at how quick and easy it was to produce an app.

Tom Usher

I tried Sticky and My Photo App at the same time. Within a few minutes I created an app with My Photo App. 25 minutes after I downloaded Sticky, I still couldn’t figure out how to upload.


MPA has helped to double my business. MPA is a great marketing tool, it makes it easy for customers share there images with others and get information on our studio.

Bill Tucker

MyPhotoApp is mindlessly easy to use! I was using a competitor’s app but felt that it took way too much effort and time to setup an album. Setup is fast and takes a fraction of the time.


I love My Photo App because it's so easy to create your own App, takes couple of minutes all together and you are done. I tried the competition and I had to follow instructions and still didn't get it.