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What makes MyPhotoApp so amazing?

Create An App In Minutes

With MyPhotoApp you can quickly create professional mobile photo albums for your clients which they can easily share with friends and family.

When your clients share their personalized photo album you get to leverage the power of their social connections by having your brand as a photographer shared with every album.

Create Your App Now

See your app spread like wildfire

MyPhotoApp integrates beautifully with social media with social sharing buttons. This makes it incredibly easy for people to share their apps, built by you, with their friends and family.

Imagine how many people could see your brand now...

Unlimited Customizable Layout Options

MyPhotoApp has no limits to let you have powerful control over your visual brand to make an incredibly powerful social marketing tool that compliments your brand.

Make an incredible first and lasting impression...

Need a Mobile Website as well?

The Pro version allows you to create multi page version apps to better promote yourself to mobile users. Creating mobile websites is as easy as creating mobile apps... all you have to do is create the pages. We provide video tutorials to show you how to create your own mobile website without coding.

Create a Mobile Website

Create Custom Forms

Forms bring mobile apps to a new level of client engagement. You can add a customized form with fields for your specific needs inside your apps.

Here are a few ideas:

Contact/enquiry form, model application form in your apps, model release form and so much more.

Use forms for pretty much anything and eliminate paper...

Eliminate Paper Forms

Stay Ahead In A Mobile World

An estimated 79% of smartphone users say they use apps almost every day and mobile ad spend is slated to increase to upwards of $195 billion by 2019, from $68 billion for last year.

MyPhotoApp apps are specifically designed and optimized for mobile devices to take advantage of the mobile market.

Get in front of millions of mobile users today...

Full Featured Builder

MyPhotoApp contains a full featured builder that enables you to design gorgeous apps to compliment your images as you want because you are not locked into a predefined look and feel.

Start building awesome fully customised Apps from the moment you start with our quick start guides to the essential builder tools. Unleash your creative skills and customise the look and feel of each App with MyPhotoApp's easy to use tools and features.

MyPhotoApp is like PhotoShop for building apps...

Start building apps right now

Track The Success Of Your App

MyPhotoApp has comprehensive statistics from how many times the app was viewed, installed, and the number of unique devices it was installed on. You can track how successful your apps are being shared and if your app is tied to a model program, how effective your models are.

These statistics give you the metrics to strategically improve your marketing.

MyPhotoApp Testimonials

I have been using MyPhotoApp and I absolutely love it . I show off my favorite senior shoot on my phone all the time from my phone. Everyone thinks it is cool that I have my own app.

Jayme Goetz

I tried MyPhotoApp because of a promotional price and especially because of the 30 day money back guarantee. I was blown away at how quick and easy it was to produce an app.

Tom Usher

I tried Sticky and My Photo App at the same time. Within a few minutes I created an app with My Photo App. 25 minutes after I downloaded Sticky, I still couldn’t figure out how to upload.


MPA has helped to double my business. MPA is a great marketing tool, it makes it easy for customers share there images with others and get information on our studio.

Bill Tucker

MyPhotoApp is mindlessly easy to use! I was using a competitor’s app but felt that it took way too much effort and time to setup an album. Setup is fast and takes a fraction of the time.


I love My Photo App because it's so easy to create your own App, takes couple of minutes all together and you are done. I tried the competition and I had to follow instructions and still didn't get it.